Based in Victoria 'Chaos to Calm' Dog Training Workshops use Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Strategies to assist people with helping their dogs and puppies in their normal development or to address problems. The dogs we assist with might have problems such as anxiety, reactivity, trouble concentrating, inappropriate interactions, shutting down, hyperactivity or others that just need some extra help.

These are practical workshops working with participants dogs where I teach owners the tools that can be used in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with their dogs. This can then be used to work with specific problems or can be incorporated generally through puppy and dog training to assist with emotional development. CBT involves both cognitive therapy which focuses on patterns of thinking and also behaviour therapy which looks at associated actions. When combined skillfully, these two strategies provide a very powerful method to assist with a wide range of emotional and behavioural problems in dogs. The start of the workshop is learning some of the different tools and their application, the workshop then continues into learning to apply the tools in different contexts and where relevant tailoring to different dogs, problems and owners. They are full on workshops with a lot of information and new skills to learn which is greatly assisted with hands on opportunities. It is important that participants and their dogs get an understanding of strategies that may be useful and how to progress from the workshop. Depending on the dogs and the level of difficulties they have some will need to continue working with a progress plan after the workshop.

There is a facebook group "Chaos to Calm Dog Training with Karen Damiani' to keep in touch and give people an opportunity to find support with their ongoing training journey. If you would like to enquire about booking into a workshop or hosting a workshop just message me.

Dog friendly accommodation is available for travellers attending workshops at…/Bonnie-Brae-Farm…/635443453154618


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