© Karen   Damiani PhotoID# 5373890: Animal Behaviour, Training and Education
In particular dog behaviour and Training and providing education in these areas has been my passion for the last 20 years. My current work interests in this area are around shelter dogs. Their assessment, safe management, rehabilitation potential and social training requirements. Having worked extensively with shelter dogs, staff and volunteers the subsequent development of social training for shelter dogs provides shelters with huge potential to have an impact on animals lives. This is very exciting work and starting to attract great interest in both Australia and New Zealand. I also have an ongoing interest and passion in dog aggression, behaviour modification and Work Safety with dogs.

© Karen   Damiani PhotoID# 5461419: Animal Assisted Activities/Therapy
I have been involved in AAA and AAT for more than 10 years working with a variety of animal species, clients needs as well as a diverse range of environments. My current work interests are in selection, training, management and monitoring of therapy animals. I am particularly interested in animals suitability characteristics, monitoring and welfare and have recently presented on these topics at SPCA New Zealand International Education Conference. Click on the thumbnail if you would like to browse through some of my more current work in this area.


© Karen Damiani

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